back 2 bloggins

You miss the blog times? I miss the blog times. Remember the first time you heard the term ‘social media’? I don’t really, but I remember the first time I heard ‘fake news’ as a phrase and now everyone’s accepted that that is a thing. Kind of like 'the Beatles’, like did you ever think of four little black beetles? 🐜🐜🐜🐜 Phrases become meaningless. Especially if no one explains them, but everyone keeps using them. But anyway what I mean to say is social media has gotten weird. People’s weird uncles are on Twitter, and companies are trying to sell me stuff on Instagram. And the ebb and flow of it is very 2000&teens, but it feels like the whole thing is one big advert about to explode.

I found a box of old photographs the other day. I keep a lot of old paper stuff and things I’ve made, and things people give me or swapped me and all sorts of crap. That stuff is important. No one is ever gonna dig up your Instagram account in ten years. And no one is gonna dig this up either, but maybe it’s cool to stumble on something a bit slower that arrives with some context you can still make sense of. So I’m thinking about the blog and doing the bloggins again.