Binary Choices

Have you noticed the last few years binary arguments everywhere? Stuff like right/left, yes/no, leave/remain, conservative/liberal, male/female etc. I don’t always remember choices being like that, and so I’ve been obsessed lately with grey areas, non Boolean choices, and the culture of trolling. It really feels like online, and ever more in real life, people join sides and stick to them, and push out anyone who doesn’t agree. Whether that’s in politics or on youtube comments.

And I really feel like computers have made it this way. Because everyone spends so much time online, or in the presence of computers, it seems like people are becoming binary thinkers. It’s interesting to me how a lot of young people talk about fluidity in gender and other areas of life. A little while ago I got obsessed with quantum computers, and the big difference between them and regular computers is that they are non binary, they look at all the possible outcomes at the same time and choose the best one. My favourite people at the moment are people who embrace being hypocritical and people who say they don’t know when they don’t know.

Maybe working in the world of art and publishing every day makes you more open to those ideas, because there is always something subjective about art making. I think today in music there is more and more a grey area of what genres even are, and the ideas of the last 20 years of music being either mainstream or authentic seems to have completely disappeared. Don’t you think the post binary world sounds exciting and new and unpredictable? Yes you do, or no you don’t. Or maybe you're not sure, or something.