Bone Idol

I've been drawing a lot of skulls lately. I really like simple graphic concepts everyone understands; the sun, the moon, animals, death, food, sleeping, weird and normal things like that. A few years ago I made some sun and moon prints with the idea that even some long lost tribe could understand what I was doing. I think it's healthy to think about to remind yourself how weird and amazing everything is. Also I think we should reclaim the skull as a motif from all the metal heads, they've had it for too long.

Years and years ago I found this website which talks about the 'death meditation' and I love how it reads like it's been translated from another language. I remember reading this when I lived in Plymouth about 5 years ago and had a big window in my room that got really freaking cold and I could see my own breath. I also like what they say about imagination being reality. Anyone remember Funny Bones... Bones Brigade... Where have all the cool skulls gone?

rob hodgson skull badges
rob hodgson weird screen
rob hodgson skulls