No matter wot, everything will rot


These are some drawings made from woodblock printing. The shapes are cut in wood with a saw and the inked relief leaves a print. It’s a nice way to work with big shapes because it’s somewhere between a stencil and a woodcut. And it smells real nice.

When you work with natural materials like wood you get a lot more chance occurrences- You get little nicks, knots and splinters show up in the printing process, along with the wood grain. In information theory you say that the entropy is higher because there are more variables along the way- from what type of tree, to how old it was, to whether there was a particularly sunny summer or a cold winter one year. You could go on and on (not to mention my influence on the whole process). It might sound stupid, but all these things have an effect on the information of the tree and so to the end result. It’s the exact opposite of a vector image, which is pure maths with no room for chance. That’s why working with natural stuff becomes more like a collaboration with someone else. The wood I used for these images is probably older than me!