Percussion Music


I used to live in a house a few years back when I first moved to Bristol that had a huge chalkboard in the kitchen. Lots of people passed by and everyone would write lists and draw pictures, so the chalkboard was always changing. As it would get rubbed off and drawn on again, it would leave fragments from before. I got really into it and the concept of palimpsests, and for I while I started photographing them. The image above is of the chalkboard I took one day about 4 years ago. It got me started on chance and indeterminacy in my work. Photographing these marks freed me up to move away from working on paper and sketchbooks and towards seeing everything as a potential to make things with.

Right now I'm reading about John Cage for the first time and have been joining all the dots with what he was doing with percussion music and using everyday objects as instruments. Lots more to learn, friends!