Sun & Moons

I finally got an edition of these prints done, after sitting on the artwork for 3 years!  These two images were a kind of a big deal for me at the time, and I remember making them over a couple weeks, in the evenings at my old tiny flat in a place called Windmill Hill, in Bristol. I remember working on them late into the night listening to Erik Satie a lot and thinking hard on things that seem like small things now.

 The idea that a monoprint could sit together with a vector and a pencil sketch really interested me, kind of like lots of different instruments in a song (you know?). So these two images became a bit of a challenge to see how many different techniques I could pull together and still make work as a whole. A lot of things I learnt with these I’m still figuring out now, and I’m really excited to finally see them how I imagined them to look a few years back. Thanks to super nice dude and expert printer, Ed at Yeti for bringing them unto planet Earth. You can buy them over in my shop.