The thing that is not yet a thing

I just caught the end of the big Sonia Delaunay show at the Tate, and one thing that really stuck with me (apart from it being completely amazing) was how she recycled her own ideas and came back to the same thing decades later. There's a painting she made of three women wearing dresses that she designed, with patterns on she made for her textiles company, and each pattern came from different crayon sketches years earlier.

A lot of the talk on that show was about how she moved between painting and commercial art, but what was more interesting to me was how she went from process to a finished thing and back to process again. Totally seamlessly!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what the most interesting part of an idea is; the process and potential, or the finished thing? Now I’m beginning to think the 'finished' thing is kind of a myth and that if you consider an idea is done, then you might never take it around the corner where it turns into something else. Go around those corners, friends!